Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Stole This! I'm a Thief

I stole this from my good friend Maxi-Pad's blog.  I'd link to her blog but its only by invite only...she shares her deepest and darkest in there.

None the less, it is totally worth sharing.  Maxi borrowed it from a myspace page and I'm re-posting as well.  Most of it really makes sense.  I added my personal commentary to it. :-)

Relationship Advice:

1.) If you are damaged from the past, do not spread the damage to others.
ME:  How incredibly true!  Talk about it with your friends or get a therapist (seriously, nothing wrong with it!)

2.) If you are hurt from the past, do not let it blind you from potentially amazing relationships in the present.
ME:  Also great advice.  Something I to take to heart.

3.) If you are not ready for a serious relationship, do not lead people on no matter how much you enjoy the attention.
ME: A-FUCKING MEN!  Leading people on is the worst thing that can be done to anyone.  Sometimes its not intentional... come on, who doesn't like attention?  But its important to remember that we are dealing with real emotions.  "Are you a deep feeling person who feels things deeply?"  (Yes, that's totally from Beaches"

4.) Being smart helps, being arrogant doesn't.  Being hot helps, being narcissistic doesn't.
ME:  Summary, you're not God's gift to men or women, no matter how much you paid for the jeans and how well they show off your ass!

5.) If you can't find the right person, try looking in different places.
ME: Ahhh.... so that's my problem.  Shit!

6.) If you don't want something serious, make sure to be with others who also don't want something serious.
ME:  Read #3

7.) Trust your own instincts over everything else, they tend to be right.  If you foresee problems, most likely they will happen.
ME:  Yes and no.... you could be like me and try and find every little thing, make it into an issue and talk yourself out of pursing the person anymore.  

8.) Do not toy with people's emotions and do not play games, especially early in the relationship.
ME:  Can I get another A-FUCKING-MEN?  God, how many times have I seen someone do this to a friend (happened to me once, long time ago).  If you like to play games, I suggest Monopoly or Beer Pong.

9.) If you like someone, tell them so and spend time with them.  Call them if you can't physically be with them, let them know you care.
ME:  This one makes a lot of sense.  Hmm . . . not sure I did a lot of this the last time.  Shit!

10.) Do not spend so much time with your significant other as to hurt your current friendships. . . and give yourself space when you need it.
ME: Very true . . . if shit goes down and the relationship ends . . . your friends will be the ones picking you back up.

11.) Relationships are so complex because they rely on a correct balance of individuality and reliability.  There should be a celebration of love and happiness, not a situation where you are dependent on each other for certain needs (happiness, financial, etc.).
ME: Yup, makes sense.

12.) True love is rare and one of the best things humans are capable of, do not jeopardize it for selfish reasons.
ME:  Yup, lol, nothing to say here.

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