Tuesday, September 2, 2008

They're Back

Crowded trains filled with kids listening to iPods, not paying attention to others trying to board. This is what greeted me on my commute to work this morning via the T (MBTA, Boston's subway system). Yes, the students have moved back into America's largest college town. Some people just don't know how to ride public transit. Oh well I shouldn't complain...I make my living from them.

Labor day weekend signifies the end of the summer. That sucks! It went by so dam quick! Hard to believe right?

For a while now, I've wanted to apply for some adjunct professorships/instructor positions. Would love to teach 100 level History or Political Science courses. I could probably do it at a community college. So I'm going to put my resume together and begin sending it out. I found a posting for it online only requiring a masters degree. *check!*

T and I spent the weekend together. Went out for sushi with his roommate and his boyfriend on Friday night. We had a great time and an awesome meal! The volcano roll at Douzo is AWESOME! Saturday we were wicked lazy and slept til noon time. Guess we were over due. That night we met up with Maxi Pad and a bunch of homos friends of ours for dinner and drinks. Kick ass time, haven't played asshole in a long time! Sunday and Monday were low key for us too. I had to labor on labor day...yay! lol

Oh and check this shit out. Gay related hate crime took place a week ago in Boston that is getting a lot of attention. It's sad because it seems as if they're becoming more frequent...and Boston is generally a wicked safe city and gay friendly too. I've never felt unsafe or uncomfortable but this is making me think a little more. They arrested one of the punk asses responsible for it.

It took place on Columbus Avenue. I kid you not, I've walked by the spot where this happened hundreds of time, sometimes sober but most time shit faced with my friends on our way home from a gay bar.

Coverage at Towleroad

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