Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wake Up America!

Wake up America and smell the economic crisis! Our "glorious" President Bush has allowed Wall St. to trash itself and then ask for a bail out from the government. I love how big business screams bloody murder when we try to close corporate loop holes or tax huge profit windfalls (Big Oil) ... its going to hurt the economy, lose jobs etc....stay out of the free market system . . . but when they fuck up and get too greedy they begin begging in D.C. for a bail out. Unreal!

I'm getting nervous about this presidential election. The same idiotic reasons America voted for George W. Bush are coming back - "Sara Palin is great, she'll shake up Washington". Shake it up? People please! Her job as VP is to preside of the Senate and vote to break a tie and wait for McCain to kick the bucket. That's it! There are no other job responsibilities. She won't do shit! Check this Obama ad out . . . its another reason why Obama must win.

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