Friday, August 29, 2008

Who the Hell is This?

<-- New White House

Today John McCain announced Sarah Palin, Republican Governor of Alaska as his Vice President nominee. What? Who? An ice cube? Won't she melt from global warming?

I think McCain may have just given the election to the Democrats. She's a former mayor of a 9,000 person town, was on the state ethics committee and governor of Alaska for less than 2 years. And Obama's lacking experience? Wow! McCain's lucky if he lives until 73...and then we'd get her if he won? God help us!

Barack Obama was right, John McCain is out of touch with America and just doesn't get it. Why would any woman who voted for Hilary Clinton vote for a social conservative like Sarah Palin? They're politics and opinions are nothing alike!

Palin is pro-life, member of the NRA, anti-gay, and conservative. How does this translate into a Hilary supporter.

How stupid do Republicans think the average American is?

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