Monday, January 21, 2008

Is it Possible to NOT Have a Type?

I'm creating a new series here on "the 'burg and the b-room key". Yeah, that's the short name or "ACBK".

Any who, the series shall be called "Me and the Men's" and it will chronicle my triumphs, tribulations, insecurities, and thoughts when it comes to sex, dating, and men. I'll create a little special label too. I know you're all seething with anticipation, just keep it together mmkay?

So, is it possible to NOT have a type? You know what I'm talking about right? You can always hear someone say "oh he's so my type" or "you'd so do him!". I look at all of my friends and they pretty much have a type. Me, I'm willing to declare, looks wise, that I do not have a type. And when I mean type, I'm more talking about the physical attributes ones looks for in a potential bf of partner.

For example, my friend Mitch. He likes tall, skinny, well educated guys, who wear glasses and turtlenecks. Kind of the "dorky/nerdy look" (his words, not mine). Blond hair & blue eyes a plus! Oh and if he has a degree from an Ivy league school or top 10 institution, he's hard. (He's so going to kill me when he reads this).

Even the breeders have types. My brother always said he liked brunettes or women with brown hair. There are a few other characteristics, but I can't remember what those were. Either way, I know my sister in law met those. They are kinda perfect for each other.

When it comes to the physical side of men, I don't think I have a type. Granted, now that I think about it, every guy except for one that I've dated or hooked up with had black hair. I mean, I often say to myself, "oh yeah, guys with dark features i.e. olive skin, black/brown hair, brown eyes etc. are wicked hot and drive me wild". But then a hottie with blond or dirty blond hair, blue/green/hazel eyes walks by and I'm like "god dam!"

I think it may be possible that at the moment, I don't have a "type". I'm not sure why I think this is true. I just asked SAM, who is sitting across from me as I type this (say hi SAM) if I have a type. She says I do . . . but can't articulate it. Interesting.

What are your thoughts readers? Do you have a type?

Maxi & Foxi, I'm looking forward to you two bitches weighing in!

Btw, Boston, yeah - ice berg!

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T.S. said...

I think it's possible to have a type and still stray away from it. I think I have a definite type (hard to describe, as many often are) but I don't limit myself to that because there are guys who totally turn me on, but aren't in that categorization.

I also think it's possible to have multiple types. For me, I'm a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes (doesn't matter if they're scruffy, nerdy, preppy or whatever). I also have a thing for guys with brown hair and blue eyes. HOO! I just got a little steamy thinking about it. And the baby face is a real eye-catcher too, but that can transcend types -- so if you get a nice Arian boy with a baby face, you could probably lead me to my doom. LOL!