Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Week in Review

I've gotten a little more sleep lately.  Thank you to my new love, Mr. Ambien.  He's such a fuckin stud . . .
So work is going surprisingly well right now *knocking on wood*.  I'm not stressed out or anxious about the craziness that I usually have to put myself through.  That is a good thing.  This is my busy season.  Last year, over the course of about 3 weeks, I worked 236 hours . . . this includes, 4 days off for my brothers wedding.  I'd be damned if I missed that . . . I was the best man!
Today was a good day though.  I had therapization . . . oh, have we talked about that here yet? lol.  It had been about 2 weeks and boy did I need it.  I had a lot to talk about.  I wanted to be like "can you cancel your 2pm?  I need another hours".  But, me being me, I just spoke faster to get it all out.  I often wonder how people keep up with my motor mouth.  Any who  . .
Oh, yes . . . have a therapist.  One of the best things I've done for myself.  It's really helped in sooo many ways.  I started seeing her when my twin bro was shipped to Iraq for 14 months.  Having someone you love and that you're wicked close to in harms way can really send ya for a loop.  But I always had an in and out battle with depression . . . anxiety . . . oh and apparently ADHD . . . I can see that now! haha
A lot of the ways I think were pretty destructive to me and my inner self and so I would end up creating a pattern that would keep me miserable or down in the dumps.  I still do it from time to time.  Right Foxy & Maxi?  Oh, and I can't forget SAM! lol  But hey, old habits die hard.
This year though really has been good for me though . . . much more positive attitude about me and my life.  So that's good . . . more on this another time.
Hmm, I'm gradually sharing more about myself on this blog.  I kinda like that.  Ok, time to go . . . I should get to bed . . .especially since my hoe's and I are going out tomorrow night.

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