Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Update

 Boring weekend really.

I went out to Club Cafe with Maxi Pad, Foxy Brown, and Sam.  We had a pretty good time.  It was a fun crowd.  We all got a little tweeked from the heavy pours!  It was all good.

Saturday was boring too.  I had to work for most of the day and then went home and chilled out for like the entire night.  I was beat from the night before and I'm BROKE right now.

I forgot to pay one of my student loans last month.  I don't know how I forgot.  I've always paid on time and I've never missed a payment since repayment began.  And I screwed a few other things up.  So I thought I had a couple hundred bucks until payday.  I was actually going to use this extra cash to pay off some other bills.  Not so much.  Well, I took care of this little problem and won't screw that one up again.

So I'm about .50 cents away from over drawing my checking account.  AHHHH! I hate being poor.  I need a new job and to make more $$$ . . . but isn't that what everyone says? lol

I've been kinda on a low again.  I think its really just the time of year for me.  The month of August is insanely busy at work and its really easy to just get down and be like "blah, life sucks, I'm bored with everything."  I think working so much kinda makes me feel trapped and like I can't do anything with my life.  I dunno . . . kinda hard to articulate.  Blah . . . at least I'll sleep tonight . . . thank you Ambien!

Night all!

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Rob said...

I totally know what you mean about working a lot. You almost have the feeling pin-pointed. Basically, you feel trapped because you work ridiculous hours and then when you get home it's time for bed, just so you can wake up in the morning and do it all over again. it's like you no longer have your own life. you start to feel like a robot.

I smell you girl. i smell what you're steppin' in.

Love you,
Robbie J.