Monday, August 20, 2007

Burts of Energy

So, I'm kind on a rampage of sorts right now. It's 2:01am on the east coast as I write this and I can't sleep to save my life.

This seems to be the re-occurring theme as my head hits the pillow each and every night lately. I really wish I knew why. Its really starting to concern me. I'm not stressed or having any anxiety about work right now. Which really is surprising because this time of the year is my busiest . . .usually working 12-14 hour days for 2-3 weeks straight through the weekends. Great huh?

Back to the rampage lol. I decided to get out of bed and do something instead of laying there getting angry. I got up, rearranged the mess on top of my refrigerator, did my dishes, changed the filter in my Brita filter and now I'm typing this. Quite a productive night too! Oh and I took the trash out. I'm actually sitting in my living room looking for something else to do. Well, there is that huge ass pile of laundry sitting on my couch. Ahh, fuck that, I'm not feeling that ambitious this morning!

Lando & Wobbie will be so proud that my dishes are clean! lol

Lets see, I haven't written about me in a while so whats going on in my head tonight. Ahhh....

Went to church tonight. Catholic church. I haven't been in about 3 weeks. Yes, I know, some of you are saying to yourself "how the fuck can you be gay and still go to church.... catholic church of all places!"

Easy really, its a gay catholic church. Seriously, everyone there is gay. It's great! But it felt really good to go tonight. I felt as though it reduced some anxiety. Made me feel a little more grounded and content with myself and my life. I definitely don't agree with what the Catholic church says . . . god made me gay, end of story. The closet cases in the Vatican just need to learn to accept themselves. They do wear fucking dresses!

Moving on . . . can you believe, I didn't go out this weekend or last. Scandalous . . . profits are down at Embassy and Club Cafe. Work really is to blame. I didn't get home until 11:45pm from work on Friday night. After that day, there was no way I could go out. One 7&7 and I'd be asleep on the floor.

Ok, just an update . . . the consensus from the best friend out west is that I should do a few shots of whiskey to buzz me up and get sleepy. So, I just did a double . . .that was fuckin rough. Usually thats easy . . . not so tonight.

Oh . . . I feel warmer in my legs. YES! Forced sleep is on its way!

Night all!

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