Saturday, June 16, 2007

Really Weird

I don't know what my damage is lately, but I've been acting and feeling very weird lately. Like completely out of it. I've noticed it (obvious, I know) and so have those I hang with.

I have been moody, quiet (when am I ever quiet?), short tempered, and snippy.... male pms? Late 20's crisis? And my attempts to get myself out of this haven't been working as well as I'd hoped. Blah!

I have an idea of what could be causing it. 1.) My much needed vacation is almost over as I go back to work on Monday; 2.) Going home to visit the 'rents tomorrow....its Father's Day. The dets':

1.) No one ever wants to go back to work after vacation. So I'll just suck it up. Because after all, we're on a 4 day summer work week now....Friday's off baby!

2.) Love the 'rents but going home is never easy. It does drive me nuts that they act as if I don't exist at times. I pretty much make my trips home short and sweet. For example, tomorrow I'll leave Boston for CT around 9am (ok, probably 10am) and hope to be back on the road to bean town by 6pm.

Oh and I think I'll scream if my dad asks if I have a girlfriend or says "oh I found a girl for you" like he did a few months back. I thought my bro was gonna choke when my dad said that. Lots of nerve huh?

Ok, time to head to the gym and blow off some steam.

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T.S. said...

You're on edge cuz you miss me. It's been 5 years. That's a long time without being TSified.

And with the ''s not always the best idea, but sometimes you just have to shove it in their face that you are who you are. Next time your dad asks about a girlfriend or says he has a girl for you, you should look him right in the eyes and say "dad, I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate it if I started sleeping with women." LMAO! Or maybe something a little less over the line but still "deal with it, dad. I'm gay."