Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Post Thursday Update

Wow, what a post on Thursday huh? "Bitter, table for one".

So let me explain Thursday because I woke up on Friday morning feeling a little bit better, no hangover, and saying to myself "wow, you were in one hell of a nasty fucking mood dude!" I'm really disappointed in myself because I've really been on a high lately and haven't allowed my inner demons to really make me pissy. I'm not sure why it just came upon me on Thursday night. It was funny because Foxy and Maxi were like "bitch, no, you're not leaving and we're not letting you". I'm glad they did make me stay. What good gurlfriends I have!

But back to being disappointed....I mean one small setback is nothing and I'm not going to allow myself to let one night dictate my thoughts for whatever time period. Oh and to answer some of the inquiries, no this was not man related...actually lack of a man related. I'm pretty hard on myself and put a lot of pressure on myself. Oh and if you haven't noticed, I'm my worst one can criticize me or put me down worse than myself. Not that any of this is a good thing.

Just a minor melt down that I have completely recovered from and moved on from. It's probably been almost a year since I got pissy like that. Now that's progress!

Have a great weekend everybody! Fabulous weather on the east coast this weekend.

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