Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekend Update

Yeah, I suck at updating my blog as often as I should. Twice a week isn't good. Sorry!

But lets get on with the weekend update.

Took Friday off so that meant - Thursday night drinks with the gurls. This all started however around 4pm at a work event which had wine and beer, followed by dinner with some friends.

We ended up at Club so Gay by 11:30ish and had a wicked good time. Foxy and I were watching RJ Bottoms battle a bit with his man. It's been all worked out though, nothing big. Of course, we closed the place but were tam when we left.

No work on Friday allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep. It's funny, because I can't really think of anything I did except sleep. Later on that evening, I met up with K for dinner at Giacomo's, my absolute favorite Italian restaurant in Boston. The South End location on Columbus Ave is cute and the food is ALWAYS fantastic. I recommend the calamari as an app and the penne with chicken and shrimp in a pesto cream sauce. YUM! I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Later, we ended up at Club so Gay again for a few drinks. It was pretty quiet there. It's funny, because the place goes in spurts. Some nights is just mobbed, others its dead.

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. K and I went to Cottonwood Cafe for lunch. The food was really good as I have never been there before. Later, we walked around the city and did a little shopping. I hit up the Kiehls counter a Saks (btw, they have GREAT skin care products). I know, how gay am I right?

Saturday night was pretty chill. I was pretty tired from the long weekend as it started on Thursday for me and I knew I was going out on Sunday night to Avalon. So resting up was a good idea. Around 11pm, K and I went to this new candy/cookie/gelato place called Bon Bon on Mass Ave. Wicked good!

Sunday, got some sleep, and like a good holy homo, I went to Gay Church Part 1. You see, I prayed for the sins I was going to commit later on that evening at Gay Church Part 1, aka Avalon. However, I was a really good boy and didn't sin. hehe

Monday morning I kind of had a sleep walking experience. Yeah, not the first time that has happened before. But I'm really not going to dive into this right now. But I will tell you about the first time I slept walked when I was 15 a little later

Monday, Memorial Day, was another beautiful day. SAM and I wanted to do something to get away from the city and enjoy the nice weather. I came up with the idea of heading to Lexington and Concord, both about 30 minutes North of Boston, to check out the historical sites preserved from the start of the American Revolution. Minute Man National Park was pretty cool and the area, peaceful and pretty. Check it out sometime.

So back to the sleep walking. Back when I was about 15, I had a little sleep walking experience. I love telling this story because it is funny. I woke up and for some reason said to myself that I needed to go say hi to my mom and dad who were hanging out at the neighbors house. Now, this was a usual occurrence for my parents because they were very friendly with them. However, it was 4am! Either way, I remember walking down the hallway and then down the front stairs of my parents house. I opened the front door, the screen door and stepped outside. I closed both doors behind me.

I remember walking down the street bare foot and stepping on a few pebbles and saying "ouch". Oh and the best part was that I'm only dressed in boxers shorts, nothing else. Thank god I wasn't found looking into some one's windows or I'd probably be arrested or something. Any who, I walk about 150 yards down the street and stopped. Look at the neighbors house and saw the lights were off. I remember saying "ah, mom and dad must not be there" and preceded down the street, back to my house.

I arrived at the front door, turned the door knob but found that I had locked myself out when I closed the door behind me earlier. This is when I woke up and said "oh fuck, I'm locked out, wait...what am I doing here?"

So I rang the door bell and my parents both came to the door, opened it slightly and were like "what the hell are you doing?". I told them I'd explain in the morning. For about 3 months after this, they had put a bell on the door that would make a lot of noise when opened. They hoped this would alert them if I did it again. embarrassing moment for the record books. This is one reason why I don't sleep in the nude!

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