Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This Weeks Desktop Favorite & Stuff

At the request of my good friend RJB, this weeks desktop favorite is Channing Tatum. Dam look at that man... screw the jeans, just ripe them off already! He's pretty hot no? The shaved head thing works very well for him.

You've seen this guy around, he models a lot (A&F, Dolce & Gabanna) and was in the movie Step Up, you know the one that was like Save the Last Dance on crack? The movie was only worth watching because of him.

This other pic of his is pretty scrumptious too. A good looking man all dressed up...I get weak in the knees kids.

But in other news....

Anyone ever have allergies often? I just found out that I've got them. Well, I've know for a week now. They're driving me nuts! I even talk, I'm not a late bloomer when it comes to puberty even though that's the running joke I make against myself. Fuckin pollen!

1 comment:

T.S. said...

He's got a hot body but the face just doesn't do it for me.

But don't get me wrong...I wouldn't say no. HAHA!