Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Move Over PC, Hello Mac!

I've decided, I've had enough of the daily evening virus scan, or with the operating system updates for XP which seem to happen hourly. I want something that works so I'm switching to a MAC!

My friends (Joe!) will laugh because I use to bad mouth the mac all the time. No more! And heck, even if I needed to run windows, I now can.

Why you ask? Well, for the reasons listed above, but also because it has great software programs, can do pretty much everything a PC does and MORE. I really want to head to the Apple Store like tomorrow after work and just buy one but I'll wait. After all, I should save some $$ before I do and the new Mac operating system - Leopard will be out in October. It's suppose to be years ahead of Vista. You also don't hear people saying "Mac's don't have a lot of software options" anymore. I think that was a huge issue of mine.

I want portability and to be anywhere and get 'net access so I think the Mac book is the right fit for me. The only difference I could find between the Mac book and the Mac book pro is a slight performance increase, better graphics, larger screen, and higher price tag - almost $1,000 more. I'm really not much of a gamer so the graphics card and larger screen aren't really necessary.

So bloggers out in blog land, questions for you...

Any converts out there with some advice? Are you happy? Oh and does the Mac book make sense over the Mac book pro?


Lucie said...

My IBM Thinkpad... aka a ShuCraptop is turning in it's expensive SHU logoed bag!

Julie said...

Welcome to the world of Mac.

You dont really need a Pro if youre not making high tech movies... Or Are you??


Rob said...

i'm not officially a converter yet, but i've been using all my friends mac's all semester and, GURL, they are fierce. And no, you don't need a pro. i was lookin at that too.