Sunday, June 3, 2007

Allergies ARGH!

Time to complain once again about these allergies. They seem to be getting worse.

After the rain yesterday afternoon, the streets were loaded with "Pollen puddles" which really got me. This congestion doesn't seem to be going away and now my eyes are itchy, watery, and burn.

I woke up this morning with whitish green crusty stuff on the outside of my eyes. Pretty picture huh?

Clariton D, you suck!

Look, a pretty picture of my eyes: Pretty green though, no? lol


Jeff said...

that is why i go the clarinex route! woo perscriptions

Aimee said...

the red totally plays up the green. HA!

Aimee said...

oh crap! your blog looks just like Juliezilla's blog - and I thought, who's eyes are these and then made a smartass comment to Julie.

Though, it is totally true that the red makes the green extra pretty. :) I wouldn't have said it in quite the same way to a stranger. lol

Julie said...

I love Aimee!!!

Seriously you need post more of your lovely greens on here.