Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend & the "Monkeys"

I hate to begin on such a crappy note, but for those living in the northeast of the US, didn't the weather just suck this weekend? Ugh!

I found myself getting into a nasty funk. It seemed like it was a constant down pour from 2am Friday morning until sometime this morning. But more on this later.

My weekend was quite tame when compared to previous weekends as of late. It begin on Thursday night because I took Friday off (gotta burn off that vacation time before the end of the fiscal year right?). So it began with a "vegetation" session with good old Sam. We sat around, chit chatted, and dehydrated with a 7&7' or two. Really, two. Just discussing our ups and downs, quarter life crisis etc. You know the drill right?

I had plans to go out with the "grand kids" so after we had dinner, I took a much needed nap. 2 hours! Woo hoo! RJB and I headed out around 11 to a small gathering of 'mos and 'mo supporters. Foxy wasn't going out because of a trip to AZ the next morning. Some chit chattin and margarita drinkin. Eventually we all decided to head out clubbin. It wasn't to bad. The music wasn't bad, crowd was moving, surprisingly since the last time I went there it seemed really dead. All in all, fun times.

Friday just sucked! RAIN! I went shopping in the afternoon looking for some summer clothes. I swear, I'm so dam picky! I didn't find anything I liked. Oh well, just another excuse to go out shopping this weekend. I stayed in on Friday because I was beat from the night before and because of the RAIN!

Saturday, much of the same - RAIN. Ended up hanging out with some friends on Friday night out of town. We ended up watching the movie "Heathers" or something like that. Dark humor but not to bad.

And really, not much else to report on . . . except that it RAINED all day on Sunday too!

So on a more personal note...some major sharing here folks. Pull up a seat. So a friend of mine labeled this for me once (Thanks MC!) because he suffered from the same problem. Them being the "monkey's" in your head. Let me explain. It's not multiple personalities but more like you trying to talk yourself out of something or putting yourself down on the inside. Not like when your trying clothes on with a friend and you say "I look so fat in this". It's usually worse. More like insecurities I guess you could say.

Ok, I'm having difficulty articulating this here! More on this later. lol

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