Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the same sex couples who were married in Massachusetts 3 years ago and beyond!

It's hard to believe that three years ago, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruling allowing same sex marriage in MA was enacted. I continue to wear my helmet, Kevlar, and other clothing made of steel waiting for the sky to come down and harm my body parts. In the rain yesterday, I looked up in the sky thinking I just might see a piece of the sky come crashing down. Alas, just water. Thanks be to god, because we all know God is apparently angry about same sex marriage.

*sigh* those crazy conservatives....nothing better to do than pick on the gays....I guess poverty, disease, abuse, and the like have been solved. I must have been living under a rock because I don't remember it happening.

But I digress...

Three years later, the only lives changed were those of the 10,000 + same sex couples who entered into marriage so that they can publicly celebrate their love for one another, secure their relationship with the legal benefits marriage provides, and serve up gay bar loaded drinks to their guests at the reception.

By the way, I'm still waiting to be notified about the straight couple(s) whose marriage failed because two fabulous 'mos jumped the broom. Again, please email with the story, pictures, divorce paperwork, etc. Please note, only straight marriages which ended with some sort of affairs will be published on this blog. hehe

But same sex marriage in Mass. is not safe. Because it only takes a minority of legislators (50) to take the rights of a minority group away. As it currently stands, approximately 75% of the Massachusetts legislature does not support the amendment to ban same sex marriage in Mass. That's great news considering about 25% did three years ago. However, by all indications, we're still a few votes short of stopping this amendment from passing.

So, what should you do? CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS if you live in Massachusetts! And if you've already called, emailed, and sent letters then do it again! And when your done, call all of your family and friends, ask them to do the same etc.

Because we cannot become complacent. We did in January and hit strike one....

For more information or to find the contact information of your legislators, go to:

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