Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Update

Great, random and totally unexpected weekend!

So let's begin with Thursday. I took Thursday and Friday off from work because I have lots of vacation time to take off. So I slept late, relaxed, hit the gym and then took a slight nap because the "grand kids" were going to take "grandma" (being me) out. The whole grandma thing is an inside joke to be explained later.

So we went to our favorite homo watering hole in the South End of Boston after meeting up at my apartment for a few drinks and some chatter. Got to the bar and chatted with a few friends I ran into. This was also around the time when I met this guy named Kevin, very nice and cute. He was a friend of a friend. It's funny, we've been friends on facebook for sometime now but never knew each other. So after the bar closed, we all ended up heading to NEWS for some food because we were pretty hungry. That was we tried to slam back out mango mojito before last call!

Alas, it was time to head back...but we all ended up heading to Kevin's to chill and chat. We had lots of fun. Everyone else eventually left...I stayed ;-)

The next day was Friday and I was off to Connecticut to be the dutiful son for Mother's Day Weekend. God bless SAM for driving me down. Got home and chatted with mom and dad for a bit. Dad's a little messed up...had knee surgery this week and had a lot of dental work done. But he has a high tolerance for pain and was doing really well.

We then headed to my Bros house - with GIZMO! She's back! We went out to dinner in Hartford with a friend of theirs and their neighbors who happen to be a young gay couple. They've become pretty good friends with them and so they all decided earlier in the week to go out. They're wicked nice guys, I'm glad my bro and sister in law have become friendly with them. Dinner, drinks and conversation was a lot of fun. City Steam doesn't have waffle fries anymore...those bastards! lol

Next day was lunch with Mom and Memere...we did it early because I wasn't going to be in town on was a quick 30 hour trip. After a visit to my grandparents house and a quick nap, I headed back into Boston, just in time to go out again. My fabulous friends recognize that I need interaction with my people are going home.

I meet up with Kevin while I was out. Had a great time. We spent part of Sunday hanging out too and... we're going to have dinner tomorrow. We'll see what happens!

Did a little shopping at target and then went to church...homo church...
Check us out!

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