Friday, May 4, 2007

Presidential Veto Threat of Hate Crimes Bill

Yes, I know I am not the first person to say this...the President, being George W. Bush is brain dead. Does calling the prez "brain dead" get me in trouble? Will the Secret Service be knocking on my door in the AM? I mean after all, the Patriot Act lets them do just about anything...

I digress...

Today, the White House announced that the President would veto a hate crimes bill working through Congress that would add protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill passed the house today 237 to 180. In addition to providing additional protections, the bill would provide $10 million dollars to local authorities to aid in the prosecution of such crimes. Lets hope the Senate passes the bill (it is projected to pass by a large margin) with a veto proof margin so the Democrats can stick it to him for once.

The President says the bill is not necessary because local and state laws already provide such protections. Um, No they don't buddy! You can be fired in 43 states from your job if you're gay!

He's also afraid the bill would harm religious groups who preech against homosexuality. Well, it should harm them if they're advocating hate and violence against others! That isn't religious, its the very opposite. WWJD remember?

Arghhh...stupidty drives me crazy.

627 days left until we swear in a new President. God that seems like an eternity. I only wonder how many more wars we'll be in by then.

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