Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Today's News Comments

Let's dish on todays stories!
Matsuzaka, Red Sox reach agreement on six year deal
The Red Sox have finally signed Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka for a huge ass deal! $103 million dollar deal! CRAZY!!! I want to make money like that! What the hell am I doing wrong... I pitch (hehe) but don't make cash like that! But hey, I'm glad the sox snatched him up. Let's winner another world series. Fuck the yankees! Yankees suck!

H.I.V. Risk Halved by Circumcision, U.S. Agency Found

The NY Times is reporting that having a piece of skin cut from your urinary apparatus (Thanks Frank) can reduce the risk of getting HIV for heterosexual men. Um what about us gays? Anything?

Lyndsay Lohan's Attending AA
Good for you honey! Way proud. Just cover up your lady parts - sober or not sober mmkay? Your gays cringe when we see this on E!

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