Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Bonus Time

Every year my lovely employer has several Holiday parties. One for the divison and one for the entire place. And for some reason, they love having open bar. This lush is not complaining! We call it our "liquid Christmas Bonus".

I think my "Welcome all New Employees!" party had an open bar too. Whats with making us lushes? Wait, I think I already had that down.

So tomorrow night is the first of two festivities. And if tradition has it right, I'll be nice and toasty by about 6pm tomorrow night. Maybe an annual drunk dial to mom and dad is in order. "Mom, Dad, still gay . .. hey, I'm drunk!"

It really is a lot of fun.

The game plan for this weekend is a birthday celebration for my fag hag aka social sister aka Sherrie. She's turning the big 33... or is it 34? I can't remember. She will slap me when she reads this too. So all good fags must bring there hags out for the birthday bash and make sure they get trashed or laid or both. We'll probably end up at a gay bar... so maybe a dyke for her on Saturday night. Again, she's gonna slap me. But I am looking forward to this event.

Club cafe here we come!

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Anonymous said...

this is indeed the best time of year!
your place after??? ;)