Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Holidays are CrAZy


The holidays are a crazy time of the year. Holiday parties galore!

I had a great weekend. Started on Thursday night with a holiday party and an "after" party at my place. I have a lot of fun co-workers!

Friday was pretty low key. I had to work late and was really in no mood to go out after a crazy night before. So I went out for a late dinner with my "social sister" and then called it a night.

Saturday however was a different story. I was energized from a full nights rest and was primed for "Sammypalooza" aka SAM's birthday celebration. It started with a little gathering at my house. Then we T'd it to the North End for dinner and ate at Prezza. Really great resturant and food! Wow! Oh and the waiter... hottie! SAM was drooling... or was it just the effects of the dirty martini? One can only wonder...

After dinner we headed to Club Cafe... our fav. hot spot. Boy were we early! Somehow we stayed til close lol. We ended up meeting some of my "gurls" and really just had a great time chattin it away with everyone. I don't even know if the crowd was good looking... I wasn't paying much attention. But all in all, a really good time.

Down to Connecticut this weekend for Christmas... fun times with the fam!

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