Thursday, February 9, 2012

Onward right?

Keeping my head in "check" has always been a constant chore for me.  Being unemployed makes it worse!

Any who, I said to myself when 2012 began that this will be my year.  After all, 2011 sucked ass and things couldn't get much worse right?  To maintain focus I keep telling myself - Job & the gym.  I'll find a new job, one I enjoy and pays me what I'm worth (one can hope right?) and hit the gym as often as possible. 

Working out everyday has been great physically and mentally.  Looking forward to going later on today.  Oh and eating healthy too.  If I keep this up I'll certainly drop the 20 lbs I want to lose.

Not much else to say today kids . . . the thoughts I had about dating and all that from last night have escaped me lol.  I did go on a date last night though.  This guy was very sweet and very good looking.  He had been "stalking" me online for a while unknown to me lol.  Me being the one with low levels of self confidence always finds this interesting since I usually think only old men find me attractive.

Both of us seemed pretty nervous last night.  I had a hard time analyzing how thing were going (you know me I can never stop!).  But he seemed to have a good time and sent me a quick text this AM saying so, asking for us to get together again after he's done traveling.

So we'll see what happens. 

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