Friday, February 3, 2012

How Do People Do It?

I've been unemployed for 2.5 days now . . . and I'm incredibly bored out of my mind.  How do ADD unemployed folks do it?  Everyday I create an agenda of things I'd like to accomplish or do.  This has helped a lot.

Yesterday's agenda for example:
1.) Take Cooper for a long walk
2.) Gym for 60 - 90 minutes
3.) Coffee shop - laptop in hand, job search!
4.) Food shopping (gotta eat in and on the cheap!)
5.) Roommate meeting (new person moving in soon)
6.) Reading

This has helped.  I can say the extra time has allowed more time for job searching and the time to customize each resume and cover letter to the job.  Applied for two yesterday and one today.  Trying to cast the widest net possible.

Trying to prepare my head for being unemployed for at least a year - yikes!

I'm curious what any of you out their have done during unemployment.  Have any advice?

I looked back to my "early years" . . . I've had a job since I was 13 years old, waited on tables during high school and college, worked at auto parts store too.  Fully employed right out of school too.  This is tough as I'm not use to some much idle time.

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QueerDirtyLaundry said...

I was unemployed for two years. I sent out countless resumes (over 100) and went on so many interviews. It's rough out there. There's like one job that 200 people apply for. I finally was able to find something part time to help get by, but for awhile it was really scary. Hang in there. Take what you can get. Best of luck