Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walls Come Crashing Down

My New Years Eve was shitty. TJ decided to call it quits and end our relationship of 2.5 years. Not going to lie, we had our issues . . . but what couples don't? Shit, some are pretty basic and not major. But he doesn't want to do the heavy lifting necessary to rectify our relationship and work through these issues. This came suddenly. He was never one to communicate this feelings or emotions.

I'm sad and disappointed. Thought he was the one. Thought I was done dating. Thought marriage was in the future (few years away). Well . . . no more.

Cooper (my d0g) and I are looking for a place to live as I'll be moving out as soon as possible. *sigh* The joys of living with your partner. If anyone in Boston is looking for a roommate (please be gay friendly and allow for a dog) let me know.

I know I'll get through this . . . have wonderful friends who are such a great support system. Actually using this to set a bunch of goals for myself for 2011. I'll come out of this stronger (que a song by Beyonce), more self aware and better prepared for the next guy god sends me.

My friends and I will be planning a party to celebrate my return to single hood. Coming to a gay bar near you!


N649309 said...

Rough way to start the new year. And the one thing I'm most certain of, is a "door doesn't close without a window opening up" In my 49 years, lots of doors have closed on me. But each and every time, something better comes along. Go easy on yourself.

BosGuy said...

Sorry to read that you're hurting and the relationship ending was so abrupt.