Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Will Survive!

Life goes on right? So far, so good. It's been about two weeks since my relationship imploded. And . . . my friends and family seem to be doing much worse with the news/changes than I.

I'm not happy about the pending changes. Moving out angers me so much. It is not easy to find a place with roommates, within my price range that allows for dogs. Cooper is my buddy and coming with me. Someone has to be the responsible pet owner. So yeah, we're still living together for the moment until our lease ends or something like that. That part of the divorce needs to be finalized.

Many parts of me want to write these "sweeping rules" for the future like "never again will I move in so quickly" and "take it slow in the beginning next time . . ." etc. I hope I don't listen to myself. My anger won't be helpful for the future.

God bless my friends and family. They're my rock and have been very supportive. Certainly keeping me sane. This whole break up has inspired me to create new goals and chart a new life path . . .one of which is getting my ass back to the gym! I'll be there forever tomorrow!! lol

Learned a lot in this relationship . . . hurts a lot too . . . especially because I thought I was done with the whole dating pool thing. But, like my friends said, "you can't deal with crazy!" aka my friends referring to dumb ass.

Any who . . . any relationship survival tips? I could use them.

OH!!! And the best news ever!!! My new niece Hailee was born last Saturday night!!! She is so beautiful! Love that kid! Went to meet her on Sunday of last week. Tough drive down. I was so hungover. Was out that night (like all good single gays!) and did shots to celebrate her arrival!

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BosGuy said...

Really sorry to read about all the pain you are going through. Glad to hear that your friends have rallied and are being supportive.