Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Woman Found Killed at Copley Marriott Hotel

Last night, a 26 year old woman was found dead, apparently from a gun shots at the Copley Square Marriott Hotel. She was found tied up and allegedly involved in prostitution. For those who know Boston, this is one of the most popular hotels in the City in one of the most visited sections of the city. I walk by this hotel every day on my way to the gym and its actually about 3 blocks from my new apartment. Oh and its like right around the corner from T's current place.

More from the Boston Globe

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Lexiloo said...

I recently signed up for the DC text alerts...maybe it was a bad idea, because crime in DC? Yeah, it exists, apparently right by my little apartment! There was a shooting on my block a few weeks ago.

Let's move to Krakow. Bad things don't happen there. Then our babies can grow up together eating pierogi and drinking wodki (vodka) from their sippy cups :)