Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wild Weekend

Yeah, the weekend is here and I'm updating this blog on my weekend adventure to Buffalo, NY.

My brother is a huge Buffalo Bills fan, yeah, don't ask, no one is sure how that came about being that he was born and grew up in Connecticut. Anyway, its a tradition for him to go to at least one game each year and goes with my cousins. He wanted me to go last year but I was busy or something.

I took the bus to CT and on Saturday 6 of us left for Buffalo . . . 5 straight guys and gay old me. We had such a kick ass time. I can't remember the time I drank this much beer before! Saturday night it was one after another, after another . . . *sigh* bud light lol.

Sunday was game day. We arrived to the stadium around 10am to begin pre-gaming. Beer, beer, beer! Gotta love having a high tolerance. The bills won by one point, kicked a field goal with 3 seconds left in the game. My bro is an animal and was going nuts with the rest of the fans. That night I did something I've never done before . . . I went to a straight strip club! Ewwww! Tits all over! Thank god my cousin didn't buy me a lap dance. He was laughin at me.

Other updates: This past Tuesday was 5 months for T and I! Going strong! That boy makes me so dam happy!

And my gurl . . . FOXI BROWN has returned to Boston! He's living on my futon currently while he looks for his own place and a new job.

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