Monday, September 29, 2008

Where's My Bail Out

Today the House voted down the president's $700 billion dollar bail out. GOOD!

Where the fuck is my bail out? I went $36,000 into debt to go to college . . . I didn't make a bad decision or risky one like Wall St.... just tried to better myself. Where's my silver lining?

But anyway, I do understand why we need the bail out, it is necessary and I hope something is done soon before the economy tanks further. However, I'm glad the message was sent today that this is ridiculous that we've been put into this position by the wealthy bastards on Wall St.

I do hope that Wachovia loses my student loan information with today's purchase of its assets by Chase! That would be the best news in all of this mess!

Ok, who watched the debate and SNL this past weekend? That's about all I did this past weekend...I'm poor right now so I didn't go out. I couldn't stop laughing at SNL! Tina Fehy rocks!

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