Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Guess its Over for Hillary

CNN and the NY Times are pretty much closing the coffin on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign today.

Barrack Obama is 42 delegates away from the number of delegates required to secure the nomination.

Sad, I wish she was the nominee. However, I still have my fingers crossed for a dream ticket match up between her and Barrack. They would be unstoppable and probably renew our faith in the democratic process. A black President and female VP! I'd love to see this, especially since they are both more than qualified and VERY talented. McCain wouldn't stand a chance!

Well, I'm taking a quick break from work right now to type this. SHHH! All is well with me. Very well actually. T and I are going strong, yay!

Ok , more about this later! :-)


Lexiloo said...

If he gets the nomination, I'm voting for McCain. Sorry, I just can't vote for Obama. If Hillary pulls an upset and gets it, she'll have my vote...

RAD said...

poor hills...it will be interesting to see what happens with all this!!!