Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hey everyone . . . yes, it has been a long time. This guy has been wicked busy. I'm drunk right now and actually have a free second.

So fast update:

1.) Still seeing T . . . ugh! He's so dam hot. Things are going very well between us. He is in NYC right now . . . saw him this morning, chatted tonight, talked dirty with him tonight, u know all the important stuff. He'll be home tomorrow

2.) Foxi Brown is in town this weekend . . . he's not on my couch right now cuz a hoe is getting laid! Go ahead gina!

3.) My new job is awesome and I love it a lot.. I'm very busy, busy like WOAH! But very happy

4.) My new apartment is coming a long well. I have boxes to unpack still, shocking, I know. I bought a new pillow top queen mattress last Sunday. T talked those bitches down from $1,100 to $500. He'll get a nice thank you from me for the added comfort.

Can I tell you though, he is SO dam cute and wicked nice . . . I'm really enjoying what we having going on. And my friends who have met him are big fans . . . and that is very important. I can't wait til he meets my Lil bro and sister in law . . . soon!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all is going well. I've missed your updates!

Chup-Chup said...

i'm happy for u :)
good luck!

Landie said...

OMG! lol! I cannot believe you put that in there about me! I hate and love you at the same time. :)

JUSTIN said...

Good luck with your boy!

Robbie said...

hahaha this entry is hilarious because i can imagine you saying all of this stuff in a drunken dialed voicemail lol