Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AHHH! Going Crazy

This will be a quick post . . . my life as expected is great, but very crazy right now. I'm living out of boxes still. Here's the 411 on everything ... more to come later this week:

1.) Still seeing T. Our status is dating and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm rushing this post cuz I need to pack work clothes and head to his house. Spending the night :-)

2.) Moved to my new place last week. Moving BLOWS! Not sure why some of my friends choose to move as often as they do. Me, I'm quite happy not moving again for many years to come.

3.) Started my new job on Monday. So far so good! Been very busy as I've hit the ground running. No problems there! I like it that way and I'm never bored!

That is it for now!


Alpha Omega said...

Congrats on everything going on in Boston.

And I second the who moving notion. Hated each time I did it. Now that I have a house, it is nice an settled. Which means I am screwed if I have to move due to work. LOL


Alpha Omega

Robbie said...

I hate the act of moving shit. I love setting up shop in a fresh new environment though. but the whole packing and lifting of boxes sucks nuts... and not the good kind, mmmkay?

Glad work and TJ(aka BJ) are going well.