Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Me and the Men's: Mating Season Part III

Good afternoon from rainy water logged Boston, Massachusetts. The past two days have been dreary, wet and cold. Mother Nature has been bi-polar. I was wearing shorts and a polo last Friday and switched into pants and a sweat shirt the next day. But I digress . .

Well, I know you're waiting for an update from last weeks dates. I've spent a little bit of each day since last Wednesday with T.

Friday night I got out of work late, around 10pm. Rushed home to shower and change, then went to his place. We chilled and watched a few movies...cuddled...made out etc. It was great. He made me brownies too! Got up the next morning and headed to work again, ugh! Later that evening we went to see the movie "Breaking Up With Sarah Marshall". It was really cute. The movie was followed by dinner at Todd English's Fig's Restaurant. We then headed to a str8 bar where a few of his college buddies were hanging out. They had come to town from NY. Let me just say, this bar had to be the sleaziest and trashiest bar I've ever been too! And I've been to some hole in the wall places. T is so cute . . . one drink and he's buzzed and turns red.

Sunday we had a great brunch at this place up the road from my new apartment (picking up the keys on Thursday) and then did a little shopping at Target. We both love that place.

It has all been good . . . I guess I'll see where this goes!

I'm a little grumpy today . . . chalk it up to my lack of sleep (hehe) and being super busy. It hasn't it me yet but tomorrow is my very last day of work. After 6 years! Going away party in the afternoon!


Alpha Omega said...

Glad to know all is well in Bean Town!!!

Again..seems 2008 is your year with all of the excitement going on.

Have a blast!


Anonymous said...

Wow ... sounds like things are going rather well. Part III sounds like equally as fun as Parts I and II.

Last day of work after 6 years. Wow, that tough. Parting ways with so many good friends. You will miss the people but not the place. I've been there, done that.

I hope that all goes well for you this week and who knows maybe we will have a Part IIII, well I hope so!