Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend Update - Finally!

I'm such a procrastinator at times . . . I was suppose to write this a few days ago, oh well. I've been busy I guess.

Um where do I start? lol Been away from my office a lot lately, attending a conference here in town. I had a great time, got to catch up with some friends and former colleagues. Oh, and I haven't heard yet about the job. The industry I work in is notoriously slow. *fingers crossed*

Yeah, I know the weekend is here, but I'm still talking about last weekend.

Foxi Brown flew in from Phoenix on Friday night. He and I eventually met up after several friends and I went out for Thai food. It was amazing as always! Brown Sugar has got to be the best Thai restaurant in Boston. SAM & our friend Beth were already there holding our table. They were pretty buzzed and had made friends with all of these people waiting for tables. It was pretty comical.

It was about 10:30pm and we left and to hit up Club Cafe. Since everyone says I'm slow to get ready, I was prohibited from going home to change. I was all pimped out in a black suit. I have to say, I looked hot . . . and I never say shit like that about myself! (Maxi's rubbing off on me) There goes my modesty! lol

My other friend from AZ (we'll call him AZI) and I were chilling out and chit chatting, catching up. You know, the fun stuff. Foxi & Co. finally arrive and we begin chatting and hanging out. And then I run into "hot guy" or "HG". I'm totally crushing on him. Crushing for lack of a better word. Yes, you all remember him from new years etc. Ugh, he is so attractive and such a nice guy! I gave him a hug and we both have a brief nervous chit chat. Yeah, nervous . . . AZI was laughing at me afterward. People, I'm working on that! I can talk to anyone, but when it comes to a guy I'm interested in I clam up. It's weird because I tend to be a social slut at times.

Fast forward through the night and I find myself bumping into HG in the hallway. He was like "wait right here, I'll be right back". So I did. And we hung out and chatted for the rest of the night. It was funny, because magically, both of our groups of friends were like "um, we're going to go now . . ." I guess the writing was on the wall lol. Well, I certainly wasn't leaving yet . . . there was about 40 minutes left in the night and I wanted to hang out with this guy.

I had a lot of fun and finally started to loosen up. I don't know what it is but I can be so nervous and up tight sometimes. I'm really going to work on that. Oh and I should probably smile more and show off the pearly whites.

HG was being stalked by this one guy who just wouldn't take "I'm not interested in you". So I had to play the boyfriend. Twist my arm! lol

And fast forward to the next day, I took the T home in my suit :-) . I'm not a hoe...I definitely didn't expect anything to happen! lol

I worked on Saturday and then went out with some of my crew on Saturday night after Foxi and I had some great Sushi! We had a good time at Epic, danced a little bit etc. Fun times. I woke up from my disco nap at 8:30pm, walk into my kitchen and found Foxi drinking already. That bitch has never beat me to the punch before! I'm so proud! lol He was drinking gin aka pine tree juice.

Well, the weekend is here again. Not much planned for this weekend. I'm pretty much on lock down. Its a good thing, the past two weekends have been great, but I need to chill.


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