Sunday, March 16, 2008

Correction - Missing Information

Foxi Brown has brought to my attention some missing information from my previous weekend update post.

You see, I forgot to include an important piece of information. Foxi was chatting with HG that night and some how I came up in the conversation. And HG was like "gurl, talk me up to him, he's adorable" or something along those lines.

I know this because I was looking for Foxi, couldn't find him and thought he left. I was gonna smack a hoe if he did. So I call him and he's like "I'm near the coat check ... get you ass over here now we gotta talk!!"

So I head over there he grabs my arm and drags me down the hallway like someone dragging a sack of melons across the border! He tells me what happened . . . almost strangled me with my tie too! lol This turned me into a giddy school girl. I thought he was joking and he says to me "bitch, hell no! Listen to me or I'll smack you!" Such violence! lol

Love that kid! Good wing man!