Sunday, January 6, 2008

Smack Down!

Went out Friday night and well, I kinda wish I didn't. I had a good time for a while, but that changed real fast.

I got into a wicked pissy mood on the inside....completely pulled one of my personal smack down sessions on myself. I hate when this happens because I've been in a pretty awful mood since then. I said the same old shit I normally say to myself and believe it which then makes it so much harder later to feel any self worth. Blah

I wish I wasn't so good at being so mean to myself. My friend Maxi once said to me "dam, I'd probably kill myself if I went through life saying the shit you do to yourself". Yes, I'm quite nasty to myself.

I need to get rid of this nasty funk I'm in because it is soo not helping right now. My average sleep time since New Years has been 2:30am . . . I've been having difficulty sleeping, read the post called "The Love Affair is Over". I've learned over the years that lack of sleep creates a breeding ground for me to stir up bull shit in my head.

I'm going to hit up the gym tomorrow night and see if that usually does.

1 comment:

Rob said...

as i recall, the gym did end up helping you out. so keep that up. and now that i don't have a job anymore. we'll start going more together.

talk to you later. MUAH.