Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Presidential Primary

Dear News Media,

Hi, I'd like to say "SHUT THE FUCK UP!".

As an avid news whore, I have to say, the presidential campaigns of all three top democrats are FAR from being over and the nomination far from being decided. Sorry to my Iowa and NH readers, but both states are not representative as a whole of the entire country! While they get a nice boost if they win the state, Feb 5th has 22 states, including California - the big prize winner.

So stop putting nails in Edwards and Clinton's "campaign coffins" . . . remember the last time you did this, you said Howard Dean was going to be the nominee. Look at him now!

Love always, A Cheeseburger and the Bathroom Key

P.S. - And while I'm at it readers, please make sure you vote in your primary, regardless of your party affiliation. The system only works when we vote.

P.S.S. - Not that my blog carries a significant amount of weight nationwide, but I'll announce who this blog endorses on Feb 5th, after I vote in Boston and decide who I'm voting for!


Lauren K said...

Woo hoo! Speak the truth!
Love your fellow political junkie

Lexiloo said...

maybe write me in, for the mugwumps of america!

Rob said...

this was a great entry. i hate the media. and i hate all the negative shit people have to say about the candidates. i just wanna know what the deal is.