Saturday, January 19, 2008


Um, I'm totally becoming a shop-aholic. Every time I go out shopping, its several hundred dollars in one outing, not $50 or $60. I've had the money for these "items" lately and I can't think of anything I bought that I didn't really need. For example, I went out today and bought new eye glasses at Lens Crafters. I definitely needed new ones. The glasses I have now are 7 years old and I got a new prescription. Yeah, I failed the eye test when I went to renew my drivers license. So I'm suppose to wear them when driving. I also need them when I use a computer or watch TV. Take a look, these are very similar to the pair I purchased.

They're Burberry. I'm not a designer label guy, but these were the ones that looked the best on me . . . I kinda fell in love with them! lol I was looking for something stylish and sophisticated. SAM came along and I trust her judgement. And these better look fucking awesome because they were over $300! Oh, and I loved the sales women. We were just being caddy towards these train wreck women who were outside the store trying to get 16 year olds to model. She has to have her own gay . . . it was just two easy for the two of us.

And I also bought 2 new pair of sneakers. They were on sale, were hot, and I wanted them. See how bad this is getting. Help me baby Jesus! lol

Tonight, I went to see the movie 27 Dresses with my friends Tom and SAM. It was a pretty cute movie. Totally worth watching, just to see James Marsden . . . sexy sexy man!
And I didn't go out tonight. I really want to but, in a way, I don't feel like it. Hence, why I'm typing this post on a Saturday night. But more about that tomorrow.

Oh and btw, my blog got 208 hits yesterday! 208, wow! How the hell did that happen?

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