Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Queer!

Happy New Year! Wow, 2008 already! I hope everyone had a safe but awesome new years celebration. Lord knows I did!

My New Years celebration this year was combined with my gurl Maxi Pad's birthday. So we began at my house for most of the evening until we headed to Club Cafe around 10:15 PM. My god, I don't even know how much champagne we went through! So we did our annual rituals i.e. drink, take pictures, drink more, drink more etc.

Club Cafe was a great time. At first it seemed kind of dead but it picked up by 11 ish.

Yup, so it has been a great start to 2008 because I made out with this really hot guy, super nice too, at midnight. I've seen him out before and we've made eye contact etc., but I never go up to people because I'm kinda a wimp like that... he's actually friends with my friend Foxy Brown. So anyways, I was making my way through the crowd to get my champagne and we locked eyes and he came up to me and said hi and was like "you're my midnight kiss etc." and I was like "absolutely!" lol. So after I kissed every person around me when the ball dropped, I saw him, walked over and did the deed!

And, of course, one must always do gay community service . . . after all, its the new year right? So I was at the ATM machine making sure I had money for a cab home. This guy came over to me and started talking me up, "ur really hot etc.", I was flattered and quite blunt, "so do you just like wanna make out or something?" And so we did . . . I didn't think he was attractive, but like I said . . . community service!

So great start to 2008, looking forward to another amazing year, 2007 was pretty good, 2008 will be much better!

Happy New Year!

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Alpha Omega said...

This was too damn funny...We all do community service now and then so it is all good.

have a great new year! chat soon...