Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Addicted to Project Runway

Thank you SAM, for getting me addicted to Project Runway. I know, you ask, what kind of homo am I, because this is the first season I've ever watched of it. But I love it . . . and I'm not sure why I haven't .. . because I love Bravo and watch shows on it all the time. Hi Top Chef!

I love how like all of the men on the show are gay too. But really, no surprise there, if it weren't for us, str8 people would look god awful. People would still be wearing tweed and thick wool from the middle ages. Oh, and how could you not just love Tim Gun! He's amazing!

Jack on the show is quite handsome and jacked . . . looks amazing at 38 . . . I only hope I can look as good 11 years from now . . .omg, gasp! lol

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Rob said...

are you kidding? where have you been?