Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Update

Well its Sunday night . . . and the weekend is over. BOOOOO!

I had a pretty chill weekend. I was suppose to go to Connecticut for my dad's birthday on Friday night but well . . . sweet baby gizmo (my car) decided to leak anti-freeze.

I had made it about 20 miles outside of Boston and decided to stop at the Framingham rest stop so I could use the bathroom and to get gas. So I come out of the stop and some guy is standing next to my car. I said to myself "I sure hope this guy doesn't think I hit his car or something because I'm so not in the mood for any ones shit." Well this guy was looking at my car and goes "hey buddy, u gotta leak."

I look down underneath my car and there is a puddle of anti-freeze. Lovely right? So I knew right then and there I wouldn't be going to CT. The good thing is that I was only about three miles or so from my friend Tom's house . . . so I was able to bring my car there. I wasn't going to be able to get back to Boston.

So at some point this week, I need to get my car to a garage to be looked at. I hope its only a hose causing the leak. Because if its the radiator then I'll be junking my car. Its almost 10 years old (its a dodge neon kids) and has been banged up a bit (thanks drunkin students) so its not worth putting $500 + into my car . . . especially when there are other things I have to have done. But I've been in good spirits about it. If its done, its done. Its just a car.

Not going to CT had left me with nothing to do. So, I ended up going to dinner with Sam for some fabulous Chinese food. And you gotta love those scorpion bowls! Tasty! And that's where I continued . . . except I had some lovely 7 & 7's with Sam later, followed by hanging out with Maxi and his new "man person." ;-)

Saturday, well . . . lets say I was unable to function at peak levels until ohhh 4pm. After that, I went and hung out with some friends from work for most of the night. Had a great time too.

And today . . . pretty productive . . . I went to the gym, walked around Boston for a bit (weather was rockin today), went to gay church and dinner . . . little tv . . .and bam, here I am.

So that's the weekend.

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Rob said...

Friday night was priceless. My "man person" thought you were hilarious. He said you're his favorite. ;-)

I kinda like you too.