Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just an Update

Hey kids . . . how goes it?

Things in my life are going relatively well . . . nothing all that exciting but well. I haven't been sleeping well this week, but you're like over me posting about this. I'll move on, I get it mmkay?

Been addicted to the new Ken Burn's documentary The War on PBS. It's like a 12 hour long film on WWII. It's really good and me being a proud History dork, I just love it and can't stop watching it. It's sad though because it does too good of a job chronicling the deaths of just so many people . . . 50-60 million people died in the war world wide, over 300,000 Americans . . . its just staggering.

The hardest part is watching people interviewed who lost a brother or father, husband or lover. Reminds me of when my bro went to Iraq and how happy I am that he is home . . . safe and sound and not needing to go back (baring a draft . . . who knows with this jackass in the White House). I probably shouldn't write that . . . I'm sure the FBI, NSA, or CIA have already swept it up and are on there way. You guys like whiskey? I'll make drinks.

I haven't even begun looking for a place to get my car fixed. I'm a slacker . . . but also wicked busy at work. Oh well . . . just delaying the inevitable right?

So with the help of Maxi, I've discovered leaving video messages on peoples facebook walls. I didn't know it would connect to the camera built into my mac. Yet another reason why the mac is superior right? Yeah, its going to provide lots of crazy fun times.

Tomorrow's the last night at Embassy because they're smashing the building down and building on top of it . . . I guess I really should go for the last hurrah . . .after all, I did spend a small fortune there over the years and have a lot of fun.

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