Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time to Re-Focus

*sigh* Labor day has come and gone. I found myself laboring on labor day yesterday and the entire weekend. The kids are back. I'm just glad this past weekend is over with!

I'm looking forward to this weekend because I don't have to work! YAY! I'm going to the Jimmy Buffett Concert this Saturday at Gillette Stadium. I've never been to a Buffett concert before. I heard the tailgating and partying is a blast. I'll fit right in! Put the Corona on ice!

Now that the hustle and bustle of August (my craziest month of the year) is over, its time for me to re-focus on ME. I really want to expand myself a bit (not my waist line) lol. I want to get back into my gym work out. I was doing quite well before August came along. Last week I was able to sneak one in between the circus. It was such an awesome work out. I did one of my lifting work outs, 35 minutes on the elliptical machine and chilled out in the sauna. It gave me a high and eliminate my anxiety better than xanax or klonipin! I had a slight skip in my step when I was walking home. Felt like a million bucks. I totally need to keep replicating that feeling. It will totally keep me going back for more.

Continuing with my re-focusing, I really need to figure out career stuff. I do enjoy my job, but not always sure this is something I want to do forever. My only problem is that I just don't know what. I like working in higher ed and have an interest in politics as well. But those are two VERY broad areas. How the hell do I narrow that one down? That's the dilemma. I guess I'm the product of a good liberal arts education. I feel as though I could go in many directions.

Cost of living also needs to be factored into my decision. It's wicked expensive to live in Boston. I know that's the sacrifice I'd have to make but I just can't live in bum fuck MA and commute to beantown. I'll figure this out somehow I guess.

Desktop favorite coming soon!

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Lexiloo said...

The solution to all of your problems is to move to DC!