Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This Weeks Desktop Favorite

I know you've all missed the favorites . . . it has been a while.  So here we go.  Oh, if by chance you ever have any suggested favs, then zip me an email.  This weeks favorite comes to us from across the pond . . . and well, not a celebrity or the typical guy I usually post here.  Oh, and for disclosure purposes, I got the idea for this guy from The Big Bad Blog (great blog btw). Meet English Rugby player Ben Cohen.  Wow!  I've never heard of the guy before.  I haven't watched professional rugby before so that must be why.  But check this guy out.  All man and hot!  You can see more of him (or read more) at his web site


bicoastalhottie said...

Cute face, eww body.

T.S. said...

Just wanted to share a little something I've been enjoying, that I thought you should enjoy as well.

Perhaps a candidate for the next Desktop Hotty of the Week. ;-P