Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Who Are These People And How Did They Know?

"Release yourself from some old, repetitive thought patterns.  Once you clear all that white noise from your head space, you'll discover you know exactly what to do next.  Inquire within for the information you need."

That was my "homo"scope for Tuesday, July 3, 2007.... who are these people and how did they know what I need to do?  Scary shit!
I do suffer from the white noise a lot.  Its never fun.  It's those nagging thoughts of "oh I must do this in order for that to happen" or "why did you just do that?" or "hmm...what's up with this?"
Kinda hard to articulate in this blog.  But I usually have it when I'm thinking about what my next steps are going to be in life... be in a job/career change or if its trying to figure out my love life/lack thereof.  I find it ironic that I have been having a lot of this white noise shit today and tonight . . . and then I click onto my Gmail and that was there.

So I feel as though 2007 has been a good "man" year for me in terms of meeting other guys, dating etc.  I mean it really has.  All my friends can certainly attest to this.  I have momentum apparently but now feel myself pressuring myself to keep it going.  I went back to yahoo personals and decided to give it another try.... I was emailing back and forth with this guy for a few days...cute, interesting, similar interests, direct etc.  He emailed me his number so we could chat further.  I mean come on, email and IM can work for only so long.  Well, I called him last Thursday and never heard back from him.  Oh well.... but just some food for thought.... why give your phone number out if you're not gonna return a call or not interested?

Any who . . . I'll be leaving for Seattle on Friday morning....6am flight...but yay for Jet Blue!  Going to be out there til Thursday morning (yay for red eye flights lol).  I'm looking forward to it as it will be a lot of fun.  SAM is my traveling/roommate for the trip.  Its funny, because I'm the most chilled/relaxed traveler and she is tense and anxious.  Any one have any gay bar/club recommendations?

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