Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Send "Cocaine Katie" to Jail

I'm sorry, I loved her in Mean Girls but send her to jail already!  My god!  Lydnsey Lohan is a train wreck.  Today she was arrested for her second DUI!  She's been out of rehab for a few weeks after her first one.  

No, I know addiction is difficult, but who is helping and supporting this poor gurl?  Does she have any parents?  This is crazy.  Just look her, she's a mess.  Pull it together gurl!

If I got stopped by a cop for drunk driving and have a "white substance" in the car, they'd cart my ass off to jail in a second!

Its pretty sad that these young, talented women are just wasting there lives away and just doing stupid shit.  Horrible role models for the young teens who hold them up with high regard.

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