Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I'm on the road to recovery kids. It will be a week tomorrow since I got blasted with a cold. I know I sound a little dramatic, but I never get sick and this one sure whipped my ass.

But the body aches are gone, the sore throat, chills, and headache too. Ahh, the joys of modern medicine.

Not much new to report. Its the busy season at work. The students are in the process of moving out and I'm stressed out. Its such a crazy move out process here. It gets frustrating dealing with the same problems year after year after you've proposed numerous solutions to them.

So I've decided that after the next week and a half (that's how long the craziness lasts) that I'm going to make some changes. Well, not really make any changes, but go full speed ahead with ME. That being said, I'm going to do some serious soul searching in an attempt to figure out what the next best thing is for me career wise. I really do feel like I'm the product of a great liberal arts education (GO PIONEERS!). Because I have learned so many things, I feel as though I have so many different paths I can take. The question is "which one do I choose?"

I am confident that I will figure that out soon. Fabulousness can't be held back forever! ;-)

On a different note, I need to start putting myself out there in the dating world. This is a touchy subject for me. Because I'm often told I don't put myself out there but when I do put myself out there, I tend to get beaten up (really, its me doing the beating of myself lol). But not to complain, its very difficult for me for some reason. I don't know why I'm so apprehensive, shy, and scared. For those who know me well, shy is not a word you would use to describe me. But when it comes to guys, oh my god am I.

I have done and continue to do all of traditional things people do to meet others. Online personals, going to bars/clubs etc. I think part of the problem for me is I get discouraged very easily. I listen to the "monkeys" in my head as a friend once put it. I know I need to get past that, but doing and saying as we know are two different things.

But anyway, if you know of any cute, single, emotionally available men in Boston, please feel free to hook this homo up!


dan said...

man i hear you about soul searching, i've GOT to figure out my career and living sit. once school gets out this summer. also I'm still trying to do my new years thing of just being ME without any fear of what's gay or not. good post. good luck, later.

Lucie said...

Just adding to the whoa Pioneers Sentiment.... yeah SHU!