Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter and beyond

Happy belated Easter kids!

Confession, I've been to dam lazy to post to my blog. sorry to my "avid" readers who will email me with the "wtf and the blog?" question.

I made it home to Connecticut for Easter. My poor car, Gizmo, has an oil leak. She was very leaky. But we made it home together and in once piece. She is at my parents house now...but apparently being fixed today. Woo hoo! I hope its fixable and not to expensive. I want to get more mileage out of her. 98 Dodge neon with 94,400 miles... I'd like to get to 100,000. *fingers crossed* lol

Easter was good though. I got to spend some time with the fam. I haven't seen them since December. It was nice to be home for a bit, but I did miss Boston. I was happy to take the bus home on Sunday and get back into town.

And as I said in my "Desktop Fav." posting, I am back on the market after three months. I ended things on Monday with the bf. It wasn't working for me which is disappointing because he is a really great guy.

Went out on the town last Thursday and last night with "Foxy Brown" and "RJ Bottoms". We always have so much fun. Last Thursday was particularly memorable as both of them passed out! RJB on the floor near my computer and Foxy on the bathroom floor. I could stop laughing as I heard Foxy snoring from the bathroom. Hysterical I tell you. I've got pictures to prove it! (gotta love the new cybershot). See though, I'm not a horrible bastard. I did pick foxy up and threw him on the couch.

Ahh... fun times. I'm out.

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