Monday, April 2, 2007

da Cape

Hey Kids,

How goes it? All is well here. I had a fantabulous weekend. It started on Thursday night with an anniversary dinner I attended. It was actually for me and a couple hundred other colleagues who have worked for my employer for 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. It was VERY nice. Good food, fun people and open bar! Woo hoo!

There was even a little bit of dancing too. The BF and I got up to dance to a slow song since our people did not seem to be represented on the dance floor. Breeders were every where. I felt we needed to set an example because I knew we had family there. I could smell those bitches out! hehe But anyway, once we started slow dancing, a few other 'mo couple got up to dance. How do you like that?

So after that, the BF and a few friends and I went to Club Cafe and then to the Jury's hotel for drinks. They've got a fab bar. It's such a great place to chill and chat with friends.

Friday came and I went down to Plymouth, Mass and met some of the bf's friends. I swear he's been keeping them from me. I told him I didn't think he had any friends because he wouldn't let me meet them! lol... teasing of course.

On Saturday, we headed to the cape . . . or for those of you living outside of Mass, Cape Cod. I've only been to what cape cod'ers call "fake cape", the stretch of beaches right after the bourne bridge. So I was excited to go. Everyone has always said its just really beautiful there. They were right.

So I was given the grand tour as fast as possible and sent off to Provincetown aka P-town! I had never been to p-town before, so I was a p-town virgin.

What a fun place! I mean it wasn't as lively as it is in the summer from what I have been told. However, the atmosphere was very cute and the shopping was a lot of fun. It wasn't "commercial" hell...i.e. loaded with GAP's, A&F or BR. I did a little shopping for myself and bought a few gag gifts for my bro and 2 friends. I got to meet the bf's older brother, who is also gay. He and his partner live in p-town.

After checking out p-town for a bit, I was off to dinner to meet his mom. She's great, very nice. Reminded me of my own, except accepting of the gay thing. The great thing was that I was not nervous at all.

Dinner was great and then we were off to meet more friends.

So after a whirl wind weekend of fun, I was in no condition to want to go to work today. But like the good boi I am, I went in like a trooper instead of sleeping all day.

Easter is this Connecticut I go to deal with the fam.


T.S. said...

Look at you, setting an example for the rest of the homos out there. Good for you!

And P.S. Might I remind you that you have been to Cape Cod once...when we got lost in the SHU van on the way back from Maine and ended up stranded by some Cranberry Bogs trying to figure out how to get back before they called in the SHUttle as stolen. HAHAHAHAHA! Greatest trip EVER!

Mark said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I'm glad to hear. You deserve it. Give my best to the bf.