Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Run Al, Run!

Many blogs and news outlets have been speculating that Al Gore may run for president again. Why not one more?

I am proud to say that I did vote for Al Gore (in Connecticut so it didn't do much) in the 2000 election and I can easily say to red America - "I TOLD YOU SO!" I knew this brain dead Texan was going to get us into a war that was worthless. But I digress...this is about Al Gore.

So anyway, I think Al Gore should DEFINITELY throw his hat into the ring and run for President of the US in 2008. Web sites are sprouting up all across the country in an effort to draft him. Yes, I am jumping on that bandwagon and taking this blog with me too!

Some of you may say "why? He lost and he's boring"... ahh so what! Let's list out why Al is BETTER than the 12 other democrats running for president.
  1. He already won the popular vote! And some day we'll find out that Katherine Harris was in bed screwin around so GWB would win Florida. As you'll recall, Harris was the Secretary of State for Florida and GWB's campaign chief for Florida and certified the Florida vote giving GWB the state's electoral college votes.
  2. He's has the experience! Al Gore has more experience than Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards combined! He was a U.S. Senator for many years and served as Vice President under Bill Clinton for 8 years. He was present for every major and minor domestic and foreign policy decision during the Clinton administration. Let me remind you, under Clinton we had 8 years of the largest economic expansion in American history.
  3. He's smart! After this president, wouldn't you like to see someone who can stand behind a podium and pronounce "nuclear" correctly? Or how about say a correct and complete sentence?
  4. He's from the South: Northerners, lets face it... living above the mason-Dixon line and running for president is not easy. Remember, we did take the confederacy back...so we need to win those states and votes too. For the Democrats to be successful in '08, they need someone who can appeal to southern voters. Al's the man!
  5. America Knows AL! America knows Al Gore...so he has the name recognition that is necessary to do the job. And a well known name in politics = $$$ . . . the ability to raise the funds to wage a successful campaign is key. He's got it!
  6. Campaigns - He ran for president once and for many other offices before. He knows what it takes to run an effective 50 state campaign.
  7. He's Respected! Al Gore is not only respected by Americans, but also has the respect of many Europeans who have praised him for his hard work and devotion to the climate change crisis. Go out and rent "An Inconvenient Truth". You'll see why.
  8. He's for the Environment: See above mmmmkay?
  9. He's a Democrat: Enough said.
We live in some pretty crazy and grave times. We're fighting a civil war for the Iraqi's, Iran and North Korea are going nuclear as we do nothing and Osama has not been caught because we're bogged down in Iraq. Um, we need experienced leadership in the White House! I'd run but I'm not old enough yet. But that's another blog entry.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I'm all for a woman or black man as president. However, Hillary is polarizing and voted for the war... that might work against her. Maybe she could be Al's VP. And Barack, while he is a fantastic and charismatic speaker, only has 2 years experience in the U.S. Senate. We'll need someone more experienced for the job... especially if the republican candidate is Rudy Guliani or John McCain. Maybe a VP candidate for Al to consider too.

Yes, you may consider this the "official" endorsement of Al Gore by the "A Cheeseburger and the Bathroom Key" blog.

What do you think? Inquiring minds want to know!


Lucie said...

Lord help us I was just transported back to the soap boxes we used to stand on in Constitutional Law class.... And Vic as someone who has a degree in politics with a concentration on the US Presidency.... (For once G ROSE comes in with some clout) I completely agree and second your nomination for AL GORE 2008.... Just as we sat around in Hawley wearing "I voted today" stickers and we both know it was for Gore hopefully once again shall we watch as he wins the popular and not have to sing "Oh Canada" when they name a republican.... damn hanging chads.... I have so much to say about this topic I might have to blog about it myself...

Lexiloo said...

For the record, I voted for Gore in 2000 too. I have a fond memory of being at a CR event election night and cheering when NH went to Gore and all the crazt young GOPs looking at me like I was crazy. Hahaha, ahhh CUCR days.

Anyway, I digress.

Hillary scares me. While I'd love to see a female President, I don't know that she is the one. I wish that Madeleine Albright could run. I adore her.

I have nothing against Obama...like you, I think he has great potential, he just needs more experience.

I think Gore would be great. However, if he were running against Guiliani, it would be a tough choice, as I do like him :)