Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Hot Mess" Thursday!

OMG, how the heck did I forget to blog about this!

So last thursday night I went out with two good friends of mine on a whim . . . to Embassy. R. Hizzle, Foxy Brown and Vicki Secret (thats me) threw on our best threads and took the town by storm. As you can see from the empty glasses above, we partied a bit. hehe. I felt like a paparazzi photographer with my new digital camera (the Sony Cyber-shot is hot!).

It was the usual...a few drinks and some dancing. The music was pretty good but the crowd, not so much. It was dead in there. I think that is a good thing. The "teeny bobber" 18 year olds aren't allowed in anymore.

Thank god I had Friday off!

Random night, wicked fun!

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